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"There are few DJs that polarize in the German Technoscenes like Sebastian Groth. Love him - or hate him!"


- FazeMag -

"For me: #1 techno Artist in Germany"


- the Advent -



Kerosene Machine

Welcome to hardness grade 1,000 of electronic music - Welcome to the world of Sebastian Groth. The German DJ and producer focuses on relentless techno with high tempo, a raw sound design and old school influences.

The Westerwald (Germany) native has made a name for himself as a workaholic since his first own release in 2008. After innumerable releases later, it feels like Sebastian released on the most of all-important labels for harder techno as well as a wide variety of remixes for artists like Angy Kore, Niereich, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Pet Duo or Shadym which read like a "who's who" of the Underground Techno world.

Among awarded as "Best Techno Producer" in Germany's Faze Magazine, he's also the label owner of ReWasted, one of the worldwide primary addresses for hard Techno and also a part of the "Abfahrt" brand, which is not less than one of the major techno brands in Germany at the moment!


As a DJ and a true entertainer with direct contact to the crowd Sebastian has always a smile on his face and a slightly ironic attitude to his own action. He gave the music genre that he represents the name "Powertechno", which simply stands for peak time Techno perfect for dark warehouses! Expect to hear tough, driving rhythms with strong industrial influence, cause his heart beats 140BPM or faster!

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