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[NEW TRACK] "FREAK" out now on Future 002 VA

Sebastian Groth runs with Rewasted one of the most successful hard techno labels of all times. In 2021 he started the very successful newcomer project "Future". There young and new artists could submit demos, the best tracks come together with some of the biggest hard techno artists together on the Future compilations. This concept worked so well that from the first part 2021 several tracks have made it into the list of best selling tracks 2021 on beatport!

This track, FREAK is Sebastian's contribution to the 2022 version bon "FUTURE" and the opening track of the VA.

Freak is somewhere on the edge between hard techno, early hardstyle, neo-rave. With a catchy and cheesy girl vocal, reverse bass on 150BPM and nasty screech synths it feels almost like the early 2000's. But exactly this sound is getting super hyped again in the hard techno world. The floor reactions on this track was incredible, it was already played by many big artists on many festivals during the summer!


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