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[ReEdit] SNOW LEOPARD 2023

Gary Burrows remix of Sebastian Groth 's "Snow Leopard" was the ultimate techno festival banger of 2018. The Track with that striking synth drop was played up and down by almost every global player and brought every floor to its absolute peak! Today, this track still works as well as ever. But in the last 5 years that have passed since its release, techno has become harder and faster all over the world. Sebastian and Gary wanted to generate a 2023 playable hard version, while working on the Leopard's "Re-Attack" Markus Weigelt joined them at the studio and added some of his own heavy spices. Together, the trio created a massive nuclear mutant of the original snow leopard! With the genes of the original drop but refined with vicious hard kicks on 147BPM, the snow leopard is now attacking again in 2023!


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